Tues July 15th At The Dog House.

Poster by Adam Bohman.

Tues July 15th.
Greta Pistaceci-Theremin + Visuals+Sue Lynch-Tenor Sax/Clarinet,Adam Bohman-Text/Objects,Hutch Demouilpied-Trumpet/Flute+Ricardo Tijero-Alto Sax, Adrian Northover-Alto/Soprano+Sharon Gal-Voice+Electronics, Stephen Flinn-Percussion.
+Adam Bohman-Objects, Richard Crowe-Electronics,Clive Graham-Electronics.
Julie Pickard-Visual Artist.

HORSE IMPROVISED MUSIC CLUB.COMING UP ON TUES 15th July at The Dog House.293 Kennington Road . London SE11 6BY ( Kennington Tube 5 mins).( On Junction of Kennington Lane+Kennington Rd) . Doors 8-15pm-Start 8.30pm £ 4/6


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