Tues 21st June The Horse at IKLECTIK.


The Horse Improvised Music Club at IKLECTIK Art Lab Tues 21st June

Pre-Concert Gig 6.30-7pm £4 this concert only/£7 whole evening
G·Bop Orchestra
An experimental percussion ensemble led by Greta Eacott

Part One
Doors 7.15pm.Start 7.45pm-9.40pm £7/£6 includes both concerts.
Sandy Kindness ( bass clarinet), Roumuald Wadych (guitar)+
Tom Scott (saxes/piano/electronics), Adam Bohman (amplified objects) +
Andrew Woodhead (solo electronics)
Part Two
‘Oscillations II Midsummer’. 10pm-11pm.
With Sharon Gal ( voice/electronics),Sue Lynch ( tenor sax), Greta Pistaceci ( theremin), Caroline Kraabel ( alto sax), Rosa Lynch-Northover /Greta Eacott
( marimba+hand percussion), Rahel Kraft ( electronics)+ Adam Bohman ( spoken word)


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