Tues 27th September and 2016 Autumn Season…….

Horse August 2016024

Tues 27th September
The Jerico Orchestra-with Peter Jones.
Adrian Northover( saxes)+ Neil Metcalfe ( flute).
Peter Nagle ( cello), Tansy Spinks (violin) , Rahel Kraft (voice/electronics)

Coming up…. continuing The Horse Autumn Season 2016

Tues 11th October
Angharad Davies ( violin).
Matt Scott ( accordion)
Pier Paulo Martino ( double bass/Italy)+Adrian Northover ( saxes).

Tues 25th October
Tristan Honsinger- “In The Sea”; Featuring Tristan Honsinger (cello),Nicolas Caloia (double bass).
Adam Bohman (amplified objects), Adrian Northover ( sax/electronics),Hutch Demouilpied
( trumpet/flute), Sue Lynch ( tenor sax/clarinet)

Tues 8th November
Bagg Fish, Michael Fisher (tenor- & (no effect) feedback_saxophone, voice )+Marcos Baggiani (drums+small instruments).
Sharon Gal ( voice+effects), Anna Homler (toys) + Sue Lynch ( tenor sax/clarinet)
Marcello Maggliochi(drums),Neil Metcalfe (flute),Daniel Thompson(guitar), Adrian Northover (saxes).

Tues 22nd November
Secluded Bronte- Adam Bohman ( text + objects),Richard Thomas ( laptop/soundeffects+ text).
Dave Draper ( solo guitar).
Sue Ferrar ( violin), Julia Doyle ( double bass)
Tim Hodgkinson + Birgit Ulher (trumpet).

Tues 6th Dec
Roland Dahinden (trombone and percussion),Hildegard Kleeb (piano),Cameron Harris (laptop),
Charbel Ackermann (light).
The Monk Trio-John Edwards ( double bass),Steve Noble (drums),Adrian Norhover (saxes).
Sue Lynch ( tenor sax/flute),Daniel Thompson (guitar).

I’Klectik Art Lab.
Doors 8.00pm-Start 8.30pm £ 5/7Doors 8.00pm. Start 8.30pm. £7/5
‘Old Paradise Yard’ 20 Carlisle Lane, SE1 7LG London’
(On the corner of Carlisle Lane + Royal Street ).Follow track with fairy lights.
Nearest tube Lambeth North (5mins) via Hercules Rd +Centaur St.
Food and drinks.


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