Tuesday 7th March.


07-03-17At IKLECTIK Art Lab. Doors 8pm. Start 8.30pm ( prompt).
Adrian Northover ( alto sax), Marcello Maggliochi ( drums), Maresuke Okamoto (contra bass cello).
Joe Carvell (double bass),Emilio Reyes (organ),Gabriel Bristoh (trumpet).
Georgina Brett (vocal matrices), Steve Norris (guitar sonics +abstractions).
Adam Bohman ( amplified objects), Dawid Frydyk (trumpet), Yoni Silver (bass clarinet).

New Release !!! ‘The Horse Box’ Vol 1.Ventures at IKLECTIK, in collaboration with St.Austral Sound. Follow link for download.Any sales go towards future Horse Club ventures.

You can also have a listen to the latest edition of Hutch Demouilpied’s podcst interviews, with musician’s who have performed with The Horse Improvised Music Club,this month-Adrian Northover.
Here is the next Episode.  To subscribe on itunes click here. You can also listen directly either on SoundCloud or at the Improvisor website.
Please subscribe here: https://tinyletter.com/hutch and I will let you know as soon as the next episode is coming out and it really helps to know how many people are interested in the podcast.


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