Tues 20th June The Horse at Iklectik

Tues 20th June
John Edwards (double bass) , Hannah Marshall (cello), Caroline Kraabel (alto sax), Daniel Thompson (guitar) ,Yoni Silver (bass clarinet).
Triptyk-Adam Bohman (amplified objects and strings),Catherine Pluygers ( Oboe) Adrian Northover (saxophones, electronics) .
Kev Hopper (bass guitar and effects).

I’Klectik Art Lab.
Doors 8.00pm-Start 8.30pm £ 5/7Doors 8.00pm. Start 8.30pm. £8/5
‘Old Paradise Yard’ 20 Carlisle Lane, SE1 7LG London’
(On the corner of Carlisle Lane + Royal Street ).Follow track with fairy lights.
Nearest tube Lambeth North.


Coming Up……..

July 18th
Burkhard Beins (analogue synth and live electronics) Phil Durrant (modular synth and live electronics).
Alex Ward (clarinet+guitar),Sharon Gal ( voice+electronics).
Duck Rabbit-Joe Wright (saxophone + electronics), Tom Taylor(piano/electronics,) James Opstad (double bass + electronics).
Sue Lynch ( tenor sax/clarinet), Crystabel Riley (drums).
September 12th
Viv Corringham, Mia Zabelka,Al Margolis, Walter Wright.
Sue Lynch, Adam Bohman, Kate Ryder, Roger Redgate.
Adam Bohman-(solo text).
Andrea  Pensado ( solo electronics) ( Argentina).


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