Tues 18th July The Horse at Iklectik.

July 18th
Burkhard Beins (analogue synth and live electronics) Phil Durrant (modular synth and live electronics).
Alex Ward (clarinet+guitar),Sharon Gal ( voice+electronics).
Duck Rabbit-Joe Wright (saxophone + electronics), Tom Taylor(piano/electronics,) James Opstad (double bass + electronics).
Sue Lynch ( tenor sax/clarinet), Crystabel Riley (drums).

duck-rabbit is an innovative experimental ensemble in which each member of the group takes on a dual role as an acoustic and electronic performer. In this setting, all electronic sounds are derived in the moment.

 Crystabel Riley (drumset and percussion)
During late naughties Crystabel Riley toured Japan and Europe playing drums and electronics with industrial noise trio Maria and the Mirrors. She is also a pivotal member of ongoing improvisation project Debbie Leggo; a collaboration with Scottish poet Gerry Mitchel and musicians such as Tom Jackson. She has played drums for Micheal Rother and improvised alongside Daniel Thomson, Sue Lynch and John Edwards.

Sue LynchTenor saxophone, clarinet, flute.
Sue Lynch  runs  ‘The Horse Improvised Music Club’ with Adam Bohman and Hutch Demouilpied. Lynch is currently a member of David Petts-‘Remote Viewers’,with John Edwards, Mark Sanders, Caroline Kraabel , Adrian Northover and David Petts. She also performs with Adam Bohman, Eddie Prevost,Hutch Demouilpied,Richard Sanderson,Steve Noble and Sharon Gal. She has recently performed as part of Tarek Atoui’s ‘Reverse Collection’ at The Tate Modern and Tristan Honsinger. She has also performed with the Cambodian Space Project and  Psychedelic Afro Beat Sudanese band ‘The Scorpios’ .

Doors 8.pm-Start 8.30pm. £7/£5
‘Old Paradise Yard’ 20 Carlisle Lane, SE1 7LG London
(On the corner of Carlisle Lane + Royal Street ).
Nearest tube Waterloo.



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