3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello Sue ,i hope you are well ,i would like to introduce to you We Free,we are a trio dedicated solely to the art of improvisation ,
    we are ,Colin Mckellar double bass 58yrs.,Pascal Brechet guitar 62yrs; and Thierry Waziniak drums 48yrs.percussion ,
    i have quoted our ages as an indication of our musical longevity ,
    our improvisations are based upon all our accrued knowledge gained during our many years of playing
    we are based in northern france and we would love to come and play in london ,
    anyway here is the link tell me what you think ,
    thanks for your time ,Colin

    • Hi Colin,
      Thanks for your message.I’ll get back to you shortly if we are able to offer you a slot at The Horse…..there’s very little money though !
      I also have a similar longevity in music. Sue

  2. hello Sue , i hope you are well,further to my mail of february ,we are thinking of coming to london in late october and also hoping to invite J Butcher to play with us ,tbc ,anyway tell me what the chance is of playing at the horeseimpro so i can start organising a full week for us ,of course if you are busy and don’t have the time that’s perfectly understaandable ,have a good day ,Colin

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