Paradise Yard
Paradise Yard at Iklectik Horse Festival (Photo by Kim Noce)
Friday 26th-Sunday 28th January 2018 !
The Horse Improvised Music Club curated a 3 day Festival of new compositions, improvisation and experimental music,in collaboration with Iklectik Arts. The Iklectik Horse Festival was held Fri 26th-Sun28th January 2018, at Iklectik Arts.
The IHF included established improvisers and musicians from Middlesex University,Leeds Beckett, Leeds University and Goldsmiths College
Friday 26th Jan

‘Paradise Yard’ with compositions by Sue Lynch (tenor sax/flute), Sharon Gal
( voice+electronics),Hutch Demouilpied (trumpet), Greta Pistaceci (theremin),
Rosa Lynch-Northover (percussion), Tansy Spinks ( violin), Adam Bohman (amplified objects) and performers from Middlesex University.

Saturday 27th Jan-Concert 1
Doors 15.30pm Start 16.00pm.
‘The Remote Viewers Large Ensemble
David Petts - The Remote Viewers
with compositions by David Petts (tenor saxophone), featuring Adrian Northover
(saxophones), Caroline Kraabel (alto sax), John Edwards (double-bass), Sue Lynch (tenor sax/clarinet) + and performers from Leeds Beckett and Leeds University .

Saturday 27th Jan-Concert 2
Doors 20.00pm-Start 20.30pm.

John Butcher/ Mark Sanders/ John Edwards Trio.
‘The Remote Viewers Large Ensemble’
with compositions by David Petts (tenor saxophone), featuring Adrian Northover (saxophones), Caroline Kraabel (alto sax), John Edwards (double-bass), Sue Lynch (tenor sax/clarinet) + and performers from Leeds Beckett and Leeds University .

Sunday 28th Jan 15.30pm and 20.00pm ( Two concerts)
‘The Adam Bohman Ensemble’
with compositions from Adam Bohman (amplified objects), Helen McDonald (vocals), Crystabel Riley (drums), Daniel Thompson(guitar), Steve Beresford (piano/electronics), Helen Petts (text+film), Adrian Northover (saxophones), and performers from Goldsmiths College. Plus a showing of  ‘Throw Them Up And Let Them Sing’ ˗a film by Helen Petts following the path of Kurt Schwitters’ exile, includes  improvisations by Adam Bohman, Sylvia Hallett, Phil Minton, and Roger Turner). 17.00pm.

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Poster artwork by Sue Lynch, Adrian Northover and Adam Bohman.


Friday 26th Jan Paradise Yard Ensemble

Middlesex University

Debra Anne Malley
Giles Bunch – clarinet
Raphael Dalton – stylophone
Alex Morillon – electronics + TV
Rachel Lewin – objects and piano.
Greta Pistaceci – theremin
Sharon Gal – voice + electronics
Hutch Demouilpied – trumpet + flute.
Rosa Lynch Northover – marimba + percussion
Adam Bohman – amplified objects.
Sue Lynch – tenor sax/clarinet.
Tansy Spinks – violin

Special thanks to Tansy Spinks and Giles Bunch for their support and assistance.
Thanks to Middlesex Uni.

Saturday 27th Jan The Remote Viewers Large Ensemble
Leeds Beckett and Leeds University

Beth Fry – clarinet.
Rowan Thorsby – piano
Liam Chator  -laptop
Jake Mehew – analogue electronics
Alice Parrington – guitar -amplifier.
Jonathan Whitehead – saxophone
Harley Johnson – keyboard/synth and sampler.
Anna Nesporova Newman – violin
Ivan Scutt – double bass
Bob Davies – accordion
Tenley Martin – amplified percussion.

The Remote Viewers

Dave Petts – tenor sax/composition
Caroline Kraabel – alto saxophone
Sue Lynch – tenor saxophone
Adrian Northover – soprano saxophone
John Edwards – double bass

Crystabel Riley – drums (afternoon)
Mark Sanders – drums (evening)

John Butcher – tenor and soprano saxophones
Mark Sanders – drums
John Edwards – double bass

Special thanks to Tenley Martin, Bob Davies from Leeds Beckett and Scott McLaughlin and Marion Jago from Leeds University for their support and assistance.

Supported by Leeds Beckett and Leeds University.

Sunday 28th Jan

Yoshiki Ichihara – electronics
Przemyslaw Trzaska – trumpet
Rose Palmer Ford – clarinet
Catriona Wilson – flute
Dan Ross – laptop.
Adrian Montufar – flute
David Randall-Goddard – voice
Kirsty Fergusson-Lewis – voice
Adam Bohman – amplified objects
Helen McDonald – voice
Daniel Thompson – guitar
Crystabel Riley – drums
Adrian Northover – saxophone
Steve Beresford – piano +electronics

Special thanks to Roger Redgate for his support and assistance.
Supported by Goldsmiths University.