Tues 26th June The Horse at Iklectik


Tues 26th June
Alex Ward (clarinet), Sibyl Madrigal (voice+text).
Adam Bohman (amplified objects),Jerry Wigens (clarinet/mandolin).
Paula Garcia Stone (film+electronics), Richard Sanderson (amplified melodeon),
Sue Lynch (tenor sax/flute).
‘Padang Food Tigers’ -Stephen Lewis (dobro, guitar),Spencer Grady (banjo, harmonica).

Doors 8.pm-Start 8.30pm. £8/£6
‘Old Paradise Yard’ 20 Carlisle Lane, SE1 7LG London
(On the corner of Carlisle Lane + Royal Street ).
Nearest tube Lambeth North.

Tuesday 17th July
Harley Johnson (piano/electronics), James Milligan (guitar).Joel Stedman (bass clarinet, flute),Andy French (tenor sax, flute),Ozzy Moysey (percussion).
Alan Wilkinson (reeds)+ Noel Meek (electronics)+Roger Turner (drums).
Sue Lynch ( tenor sax/clarinet), Alison Blunt (violin),Graham Dunning (objects).

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